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Studies in Religion Seminar: Colin Stoodley (PhD candidate)

The factors that determine the viability of a new church in its first five years.

Colin Stoodley (PhD candidate) | 4pm, 2 May, 2023

This journey in Church planting of over forty years in one way or another, means that the successes and failures experienced by Church planters are important to the researcher and central to the form, process and outcomes of this study. And so, finding out what will help a new church succeed in its God-appointed mission is the focus of this thesis. In addition, this work has also attempted to find out more about what can actually undermine the welfare of a new church and its leader.  The form of this research is a mixed method approach. An online survey was prepared and circulated to Church planters who had worked to established new churches between 1986 and 2015 within the ministry of the Baptist Union of Queensland and what emerged from this process was data that pointed to factors that had, in the experience of these church planters, a definite and significant effect on viability. The data provided insights that will enable those who lead, oversight and support Church planting and proposes a research approach that may lead to the sustaining of more and more churches that will be committed to the welfare of Australia.

About the speaker

To date Colin Stoodley’s life has been spent in the leadership of Christian churches and ministries around Australia. He is not unaware of the Church’s shortcomings, but has maintained a strong commitment to building authentic, compassionate and engaged churches to serve the welfare of Australia and her peoples. The principal experience and his life so far has been something he calls “Church planting.” This is a strange term to those not directly involved but essentially it refers to the establishment of new faith communities. He has done this twice, trained and coached others to do it and now has been researching it.


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May 02 2023


4:00 pm

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