NEAF Saturday Seminar series | ANCIENT SYRIA – 4 – School of Humanities NEAF Saturday Seminar series | ANCIENT SYRIA – 4 – School of Humanities

NEAF Saturday Seminar series | ANCIENT SYRIA – 4

Dr Ross Burns

Damascus & Aleppo since the coming of Islam: The development of the city 636 to the present

How did the coming of Islam change the nature of the Classical- and Byzantine- era cities? What effect did outside events such as the Mongol invasions, the Crusades or the imposition of rule from empires such as the Mamluks or Ottomans have on the fabric of the city? How did they survive as cities based on multi-ethnic and multi-confessional societies? To what extent did their responses differ in exploiting the trade opportunities of the Silk Route, in responding to the importance of the annual Hajj pilgrimage or to modernisation through infrastructure projects such as the Hijaz Railway. With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the Arab lands after the First World War, how did the two societies pick up the pieces in the face of a new aggressively European agenda interpreted by France?

About the series
These e-lectures will be delivered via Zoom, and will begin around 10am and last for approximately two hours. It is anticipated that after a short introduction, each day’s presentation will be broken into two 45-minute lecture-sessions, with time for questions after each, along with a ten-minute coffee-break between the two sessions, making up a total of approximately two-hours zoom-time for each individual study day.


Hosted by the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation (NEAF)

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Jul 18 2020


Followed by a drinks and a chat with the lecturer
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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