NEAF | ‘Dispatches from the Trenches’ Saturday series – School of Humanities NEAF | ‘Dispatches from the Trenches’ Saturday series – School of Humanities

Stephen Bourke and Ruth Ward

NEAF | ‘Dispatches from the Trenches’ Saturday series

Stephen Bourke and Ruth Ward

Dr Stephen Bourke AM
Life after 40: Researching Pella in Jordan in the Time of COVID
In conjunction with the Jordanian Department of Antiquities, the University of Sydney has been excavating at Pella in Jordan since 1979. Despite the constraints of COVID, research has continued.
Bourke will touch on research highlights across all periods of Pella’s extensive occupation, along with early-stage results from studies on human population makeup through time (isotopes, peptides etc), and radiocarbon analysis (C14) from the Neolithic to the Late Medieval period.
Ruth Ward
Cultic Pits and Sacred Spaces
Ritual pits for the first temple brick? Cleansing foundation pits with purifying fire? Pouring libations into pits of the deities? Ruth Ward brings new research findings to the scrutiny of ancient Levantine texts and traditional thinking about pits, their uses and meaning
Dr Ruth Ward has extensive experience as an archaeologist and researcher since 1990. Ruth’s particular interest is in the belief systems of the Bronze Age in the southern Levant and in 2016 Ruth was awarded her PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology. Ruth’s study of the symmetrical temples in the southern Levant during the second millennium B.C.E. sheds light on the unique role of pits within sacred spaces and associated settings. Ruth is a current NEAF councillor, and a senior member of the Pella Excavation Project.
Stephen Bourke is a Middle Eastern archaeologist with more than 40 years experience drinking in bars in various countries of the Middle East. He has directed excavations at Pella since 1992 and co-ordinates research at the site (mainly in the Neolithic through Iron Age, ca. 6500-500 BCE)
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