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History Honours Conference

History Honours Conference

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Presentations made by our Honours students are now available for everyone to view on the Vimeo.  All presentations are under 10 minutes. Attendees are asked to watch the recordings before attending the panel sessions.

Panels will involve a conversation between members of our History Department and our Honours students based on the highlights of their work.

  • Celeste Van Gent                                
    Edmund Blacket, Medievalism and the Gothic in the Colony.
  • Genevieve Dally-Watkins                   
    Harmony and Dissonance: Making Sense in Fin de siècle Paris.           
  • Gemma Moore
    “Noted tipplers” and “perjured miscreants”:  An examination of public punishment by way of the stocks and the pillory in colonial New South Wales c. 1807 – 1834. 
  • Siobhan Ryan                                    
    “Clearing some 35 acres of slum”: Darlington, the University of Sydney, and the Right to the City, 1958–1975. 
  • Kelton Muir de Moore
     The Art of Struggle and the Struggle for Art
  • Tim O’Hare                                        
    The Party Man: The Career and Influence of William Adam on the Growth of Party Politics in the United Kingdom, 1774-1790.
  • Krishna Nand                                     
    Stories & Social Histories: Hyde’s Notebooks and their significance in the colonial archives
  • Katie Merriman
    ‘Sydney’s bumper Bar Beauty’: Beatrice Miles and the Australian Interwar press
  • Sabine Pyne                                       
    Reimagining Coal 
  • Jin Guan Koh                                      
    Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, Re-Installation of: – 
  • Harry Waugh                                     
    Allodium and Conquest: Renegotiating the Transnational History of the alod.
  • Amanda Armstrong                           
    An earful: sound and meaning in early modern Italy.
  • Angus Max Robertson                       
    The Peerage Bill of 1719: The Whig Ministry’s Ideological Cause.


The Department of History hosts a lively departmental research seminar series. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Tuesday 14 December | 5-7pm
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Dec 14 2021


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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