Everyday Militarisms collaboratory: 23 – 26 April 2019 – School of Humanities Everyday Militarisms collaboratory: 23 – 26 April 2019 – School of Humanities

Everyday Militarisms collaboratory: 23 – 26 April 2019

Military tactics and technologies are omnipresent. The mushrooming of security-guarded gated communities, routine ‘stop-and-frisk’ encounters at airports, or the harvesting of consumer data from surveillance technologies texture quotidian life, while everyday infrastructures for disease management, transportation logistics, and environmental conservation extend our military dependencies in vital and not always negative directions. Colonialisms old and new, gendered and racialized power structures, and other striations of human and species difference both inform these everyday militarisms, and are reinscribed through them. Human and non-human bodies incorporate the material traces of wars past, while futures unconditioned by militarisms seem impossible to imagine. This week-long collaboratory on Everyday Militarisms will bring together researchers, artists, activists and other professionals to generate new perspectives and dialogue on the following themes:  

  • Militarisms “hidden in plain sight” – the making visible and invisible of militarised logics and legacies
  • Oceans, lands, and non-human bodies as archives of war
  • Ongoing colonialisms and lasting legacies of the Frontier Wars
  • The arts of war – arts-based methods and military aesthetics
  • Hinterlands and hinterseas: extraction as military technology
  • Embodying war and the militarised sensorium: foodscapes, soundscapes, and alternative ways of seeing
  • Intergenerational and interspecies entanglements of the afterlives of war
  • Gender, sex, race and species in/as militarised existence

We are running four free events as part of the collaboratory which everyone is welcome to attend (registration is essential!): 

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Apr 23 2019 - May 26 2019

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