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Latin text at Brexit demonstration

Classics in the 21st Century – A Panel Dicussion

Professor Rick Benitez | Professor Vrasidas Karalis | Professor Julia Kindt | Dr Anne Rogerson

Academic staff from the University of Sydney’ Faculty of Arts and Social Science. discuss the importance of Classics in the modern world

Together they will take a critical examination of Classics in the 21st century, ranging from the changing nature of studying and teaching Classics today as opposed to when they were students; through to modern student’s reception of the Classical world. Along the way they shall discuss Classics in a digital and online context, the alt-right’s attempt to hijack Classics for political cause and the use (and misuse) of attempts to frame contemporary issues from the rise of Trump and Brexit through the lens of the Classical past.

In the meanwhile, we live in a world where books on the Classical World by the likes of Mary Beard and Stephen Fry and translations of texts such as Emily Wilson’s The Odyssey are international best sellers. So, what are the realities of Classics scholarship in both the academy and the general public as opposed to popular perception of what ‘Western Civilisation’ represents? Can the study of Classics be democratic and equitable, or is it an elitist pursuit?

This evening promises to be controversial and entertaining exploration of what the Greek and Roman world means in 21st century society.

This event is presented as part of the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry’s Classical Heritage and the Story of Sydney project.

$30 for Friends of the Nicholson Museum and their guests
$40 for the general public
$10 for students

Please let us know if you can attend by registering online.

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Image: A Latin Brexit protest sign spotted at the recent Peoples Vote March in London ©


Apr 10 2019


6:00 pm


The Nicholson Museum
Quadrangle A14

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