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Classical Heritage and the Story of Sydney

Classical Heritage and the Story of Sydney

About us

Classical Heritage and the Story of Sydney is a broad program exploring the importance of classical ideas and culture in Sydney from first settlement until today. We want to show how classical ideas and forms have evolved, developed and retained their significance in a modern, diverse and multicultural society. The program will have several different strands: education across the school curriculum; the built environment; the development of public institutions; public art and live theatre. We also plan to include Indigenous art and culture, beginning with some exploration of the ways in which classical ideals informed the depiction of Australian Aboriginal Peoples. Today some contemporary Indigenous artists, like Gordon Bennet and Daniel Boyd, have used and commented on classical ideas and forms.

“Why do our banks look like Greek temples? Why do we sculpt our bodies to look like a Greek statue? Why is the script in which we write called Times New Roman? From our notions of beauty to where we do our banking, so much of the furniture of our lives is classical in origin. And often, we don’t even realise it.”

Professor Alastair Blanshard
The University of Queensland

Public Partnerships

We will partner with a range of museums, art galleries, public libraries, theatres and both public and private schools. To complement an extensive public program including exhibitions, theatre performances, symposia, and public lectures, we are planning a major research project and submission to the ARC’s Linkage scheme. We are establishing a series of symposia and workshops that will enable us to develop themes and projects that reflect the interests of external partners and link them with our own.

Forum | Classical Heritage and the Story of Sydney

21 February 2019 Our first event will be a forum that will involve academics and a range of speakers from the museum sector and the wider community. Participants will be asked to explore this topic, focusing on the interests of their organisation and exploring opportunities for partnership.


2:45pm Arrival 3:00-3:15 pm Welcome and Introduction by Professor Barbara Caine AM 3:15-4:15 pm The Sydney University framework Classics at Sydney in the past and the present, a round table discussion with:

  • Dr Jamie Fraser
  • Dr Laura Ginters
  • Associate Professor Julia Horne Professor Julia Kindt
  • Professor Peter Wilson
  • Dr Craig Barker Discussion (25 Minutes)

4:15-4:30 pm
Short break

4:30-5:45 pm
Landscape, Art and the Built Environment

Indigenous perspectives:

  • “Indigenous perspectives: Time and Place”, Dr. Lynette Riley
  • “Heritage and landscape”, Dr. Scott Hill, Sydney Living Museums
  • “Sydney’s Built environment”, Tony Smith, City of Sydney
  • “Visual Arts and the classical perspective”, Steven Miller, Art Gallery NSW
  • Discussion (25 minutes)

5:45 pm
Wrap up by Barbara Caine followed by drinks and supper

7:00 pm

Contact us

For more information, please contact: Dr Toner Stevenson E | P | +61 2 9351 2271


Feb 21 2019


2:45 pm - 7:00 pm

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