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Join the Sydney Archaeology community for their Semester 2 2020 seminar series on museums, heritage, and archaeology.


The riddle of the bones: Making sense of the post-Roman faunal record at Paphos Theatre

Dr Melanie Fillios (UNE) Friday 06 November

The relationship between people and animals through time provides a window with an expansive view. Zooarchaeological evidence can be used for dietary, economic, social and environmental reconstructions, adding to our knowledge of several facets of ancient life. The animal remains from the ancient theatre at Paphos offer a wealth of information about the post-theatre use of the site, illustrating just some of the ways people have repurposed features on this landscape. This paper examines the animal remains uncovered from recent excavations at the site of the ancient theatre at Nea Paphos. It provides a broad temporal overview of the faunal evidence spanning c.1000 years, from the late Roman to the Byzantine periods, with a focus on how changes in faunal frequencies through time provide unprecedented social and economic information. Using an interdisciplinary approach, it examines the fauna alongside the architectural and material evidence to arrive at a more nuanced view of the identity of the post-destruction occupants of the site, and their associated economic and social lifeways.



Friday 6 November 2020


Online on Zoom


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Nov 06 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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