AAIA Classical Archaeology Seminar – School of Humanities AAIA Classical Archaeology Seminar – School of Humanities

AAIA Classical Archaeology Seminar

The urban architecture at Haliartos. Revisiting ancient Greek urbanism through the Ages

Lieve Donnellan (University of Melbourne)


The ancient city of Haliartos, located in Boeotia on the way between Thebes and Orchomenos, was thoroughly destroyed by the Romans in 171 BCE and not substantially occupied since. Remains of standing architecture were observed by travelers in the 18th and 19th centuries, but it was not until the 1970s that substantial research was conducted, under the auspices of the Ancient Cities of Boeotia Survey project, led by Prof. John Bintliff and Prof. Anthony Snodgrass. A spin-off of the Boeotia Survey project, focusing exclusively on the urban architecture, was initiated in 2016 and is now  heading  towards  its  final  publication.  The  (relatively)  good preservation of the urban architectural remains allow studying urban transformations throughout the Ages and force us to rethink some common assumptions about urbanism in the Ancient Greek world.

Lieve Donnellan is a lecturer in the Department of Classics and Archaeology at the University of Melbourne. main research interests are the Greek “colonisation” of Southern Italy and the Black Sea, urbanisation and urban architecture, the ancient economy and the application of network theory in archaeology. Lieve currently conducts fieldwork in Greece (Haliartos, Boeotia) and in Italy, in the Plain of Gioia Tauro



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Aug 30 2022


3:00 pm


Hybrid Event - in person & on Zoom

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