AAIA Classical Archaeology Seminar – School of Humanities AAIA Classical Archaeology Seminar – School of Humanities

Richards and Harrison esamine an ostracon

AAIA Classical Archaeology Seminar

Candace Richards | University of Sydney

Archives, Conservation and Imaging: Recent discoveries within the Nicholson Collection

The Nicholson’s move to the Chau ChakWing Museum brought with it the opportunity for an in-depth investigation of the collection. With the renewed energy and resources that come with a museum redevelopment of this kind, it was essential to start with blue sky thinking and some leading questions such as what collection stories haven’twe told? What artefacts haven’t been on public display in recent years? What conservation projects could we explore to enhance the collection’s display potential? This approach kick started several new research projects, both in the archives and in the conservation lab.
This seminar paper will highlight some of the “never” before displayed collection items now viewable in the Chau Chak Wing Museum and introduce some of the discoveries and research projects begun during this redevelopment period including the revelation of a “lost” cartonnage coffin fragment, the conservation make-over of a head from an Athenian grave stele, and the rediscovery of the Nicholson’s Naukratiscollection.

Candace Richards is the Assistant Curator of the Nicholson Collection and PhD candidate in the Department of Archaeology. Her recent exhibitions include:Pharaonic Obsessions, Mediterranean Identities: Across the Wine Dark Sea, Roman Spectres, Animal Gods: Classics and Classification, and Impressions of Greece, all now on at the Chau Chak Wing Museum, The University of Sydney.




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On-Campus Venue

CCANESA Boardroom
Madsen Building (F09)
Eastern Avenue
Camperdown Campus
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May 25 2021


3:00 pm


Hybrid Event - in person & on Zoom

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Madsen Building F09


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